About Knowledge Management Unit (KERU) | (CHPSD) - The CHPSD is a multi-disciplinary collaborative effort to support evidence based policy making and health systems strengthening, by establishing a platform for health systems research and evidence, and facilitating coordinated stakeholder engagements.

About Knowledge Management Unit (KERU)

The Knowledge Management & Evidence Response Unit (KERU) is a unit that seeks to enhance efforts of bridging the research to policy/practice gap in Uganda. The success of policy largely depends on the extent to which its formulation was influenced by evidence. Training and Research institutions such as Makerere University have invested much effort and resources in research and evidence generation. However, less of this research and evidence has contributed to and influenced policy and decision making in Uganda.This challenge is multi-pronged: On one hand, the policy makers have argued that researchers do not present the evidence as quickly and timely as it may be required, researchers do not package their evidence in a customized and user-friendly way, and that researchers do not involve policy makers in identifying research questions and contributing to the design of research programs. The researchers on the other hand argue that policy makers are either noy interested in rigourous evidence, or do not have timely acces to it – rather they quite often rely on desktop searches, and that researchers are not invited to present evidence during decision making proceeses.
The KERU is a platform that has been established at Makerere University School of Public Health (MakSPH) to address this challenge, but specifically to:

  • Enable policy makers be part of the evidence generation processes
  • Create an interface for researchers and policy makers to discuss priority evidence questions for research
  • Create a Knowledge Repository fir research evidence on health systems, done in Uganda and the region
  • Provide a framework for timely response to evidence requests from policy and decision makers
  • Synthesize, package, and disseminate available evidence around topic policy issues on health service delivery in Uganda.

The Knowledge Management and Evidence Response Unit (KERU) is funded by the Government of Uganda initiative on research in Higher Institutions of Learning – The Research and Innovations Fund (RIF). More details on the RIF initiative can be found on https://rif.mak.ac.ug/

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      Keru lunch hour seminar
      Keru lunch hour seminar
      Keru lunch hour seminar

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