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The HSPU – A Knowledge Partner/ Technical Node for SPARC

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The Strategic Purchasing Africa Resource Center (SPARC) – a new resource hub hosted by Amref Health Africa with technical support from Results for Development (R4D) – is aimed at strengthening strategic purchasing capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa by connecting existing regional expertise and matching it with country demand to make better use of resources for health. Its vision is to empower countries with knowledge and practical tools to make access to affordable and quality health care a reality for all. SPARC has created a network of regional experts who can support the development of practical, home-grown solutions that meet countries’ strategic purchasing needs.

To support the Strategic Purchasing Africa Resource Center (SPARC) as a member of the SPARC Strategic Health Purchasing (SHP) Progress Mapping technical node, which intends to categorize country policies and actions on strategic purchasing and measure and track progress of strategic purchasing in sub-Saharan Africa.

The MakSPH-Health Policy and Systems Unit (HSPU) has partnered with SPARC as a Technical Node to mainly:

Identify strategic purchasing priorities at the country level, capacity-building needs, and a regional learning agenda.

Together with SPARC, develop adaptable products, processes and knowledge to advance strategic purchasing implementation across the continent.

Track general trends in strategic purchasing activities at the country level to inform learning agendas and investment in practical resources to support implementation.

Explore how strategic purchasing activities lead to health system outcomes;

Identify “hot spots” where progress is being made that offer opportunities for regional learning; and

Identify where country demand may exist for technical partnerships or coaching support on strategic purchasing.

Current Activities:

The SPARC partnership is currently in a consultative process to define a common framework; populating strategic purchasing assessments; contributing to a dashboard and ‘hotspot map’ of strategic purchasing activities across sub-Saharan Africa; and identifying opportunities for regional learning. More information can also be found HERE

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