Our objectives | (CHPSD) - The CHPSD is a multi-disciplinary collaborative effort to support evidence based policy making and health systems strengthening, by establishing a platform for health systems research and evidence, and facilitating coordinated stakeholder engagements.

Our objectives

Core objectives of the CHPSD :

Provide a platform for coordination, dialogue, and continuous engagement between key stakeholders – researchers, funders, and policy makers to address complex public health problems;

Build capacity in various aspects of the health systems – including systems governance, leadership and management for major reforms, policies and programs.

Promote and conduct of high quality and multidisciplinary research that is responsive to the needs of decision makers and practitioners in the health system.

Undertake economic analyses and evaluations of health policy and programs to identify value for money and aid priority setting.

Provide technical (expert) assistance to different stakeholders in the area of health system strengthening and performance assessment at the sub-national, national and regional levels.

Support knowledge translation and uptake of research evidence into policy making and program implementation.

Establish a health system observatory and demonstration sites to pilot and track changes in health system developments overtime.

In pursuit of the above objectives, the CHPSD will:

Identify enduring questions about how to improve health policies and health systems through structured consultation with stakeholder groups in order to catalyze comparable studies on selected issues and ensure that studies promoted by CHPSD are needed, relevant and strategic;

Identify programs that represent opportunities for learning so as to encourage impact evaluations in those instances where studies are feasible, findings can affect policy, and results, when combined with other sources of information, will advance practical knowledge;

Adopt quality standards to guide its reviews of scientific research through periodic technical consultations;

Finance the design and implementation of high impact studies that address questions of enduring importance to policymaking in Uganda and similar countries.

Prepare or commission syntheses from policy and system studies to link the findings from individual studies for broader policy questions;

Advocate for the generation and use of systems assessments, policy analysis, systems management/leadership, and implementation studies;

Share and disseminate information about opportunities for learning, planned studies, designs, methods, and findings; and

Promote the development of capacity for the Unitto conduct its work and health leaders, and experts to apply the tools and approaches to solve problems.

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