Our principles | (CHPSD) - The CHPSD is a multi-disciplinary collaborative effort to support evidence based policy making and health systems strengthening, by establishing a platform for health systems research and evidence, and facilitating coordinated stakeholder engagements.

Our principles

The CHPSD will engage with all stakeholders in a spirit of collaboration, mutual empowerment and respect, recognizing and valuing the unique contributions that distinct stakeholders bring to the shared endeavor of improving human wellbeing through evidence-informed health policy decisions. The CHPSD will be guided by the following principles:

Responsiveness to stakeholders when identifying questions, assessing policy-relevance, and providing technical support;

Strategic and selective in its choice of research questions and funded studies;

Transparent in its decision-making; and

Designing innovation for scale-up to address public health problems from more realistic context and perspectives that encourage feasible scale-up and sustainable coverage of beneficiaries.

Benefits to all parties: to add value to the University, Ministries of Health Governments and development partners by providing evidence-informed policy advise and provide opportunity to train leaders in health policy and developments.

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