Evidence to Policy platform | (CHPSD) - The CHPSD is a multi-disciplinary collaborative effort to support evidence based policy making and health systems strengthening, by establishing a platform for health systems research and evidence, and facilitating coordinated stakeholder engagements.

Evidence to Policy platform

The KERU EV2P strategy

KERU seeks to create a platform for an interface between Researchers and Policy Makers to bridge the ‘Evidence to Policy’ Gap. The EV2P Gap has been caused and widened by the following challenges:

  • Limited contextually relevant evidence
  • Limited involvement of policy and decision-makers (users) in the evidence generation process
  • Limited capacity for policy makers to discern good and poor quality evidence

KERU Initiatives

  • Conduct Training workshops for researchers on knowledge synthesis, packaging, communication and Translation.
  • Build a Knowledge Repository or Library in the Box as a database for relevant publiched and unpublished Health Systems Research, to ease access to research evidence by policy makers, Researchers, Students, and other Users
  • Convene stakeholder engagements and forums to initially:
    • 1) discuss and generate priority evidence questions
    • 2) disseminate evidence to policy and decision makers
    • Conduct seminars within academic and research community on approaches that can effectively engage policy makers on evidence.

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