UHEA Objectives | (CHPSD) - The CHPSD is a multi-disciplinary collaborative effort to support evidence based policy making and health systems strengthening, by establishing a platform for health systems research and evidence, and facilitating coordinated stakeholder engagements.

UHEA Objectives

Main objectives of UHEA :

To provide a forum for information sharing and exchange as well as healthy debate, among those working in health economics and related fields in Uganda and the region.

To promote the development of health economics and policy capacity within Uganda and the region, with particular emphasis on supporting in training and retention of such experts.

To promote the production and dissemination of high quality research findings by Ugandan and other African health economists and health policy analysts.

To promote the appropriate use of health economics and policy analysis tools within evidence-informed health sector decision-making in Africa.

To support health policy development and advice to policy makers and health partners in Uganda and the region on viable options for equitable health care financing.

Represent the interests of Ugandan health economists and health policy analysts in relevant international forums.

The UHEA and AfHEA, are aimed at strengthening the capacities of African health economists, policy analysts and other experts working in the health sector and promoting the use of economic and policy tools in the areas of health, as well as evidence in the decision- making process in health sectors in Africa. UHEA, therefore, seeks to contribute towards strengthening the quality decision-making and reinforce the capacities of policy makers and researchers in development and implementation of health policies and programmes towards Universal Health Coverage.

Specific Objectives

To build individual and institutional health economics capacity in Uganda

In this objective, UHEA will:

(a) Undertake programs aimed at strengthening use of health economics tools in decision making within the health sector

Hold writing clinics

Hold presentation clinics

Collaborative publication and peer review support

Conduct capacity-building programs aimed to strengthen the capacity for analysis and application of health economics tools in a collaborative manner with relevant institutions.

Continuously recruit (track, and convene) members building partnerships with individuals, partners and institutions within and outside Uganda to support health economics research and programmes;

Provide a central pool of resources for networking across specific sub fields and capacity development opportunities (including funding opportunities, alumni references, training opportunities, tenders and calls for research and consultancy work)

To support and provide input into health policy reform process / formulation of health financing mechanisms that will contribute to equitable health service delivery implementation

In this objective, UHEA will:

(a) Provide support to the Ministry of Health and other health sector stakeholders in effectively implementing interventions identified in the health financing strategy. This will include but is not limited to

Document experience driven opinion pieces/publications

Write policy briefs targeting different actors

Hold advocacy workshops

Propose options for effective resource mobilization

Propose options that will lead to defining appropriate benefit package and enhanced utilization, efficiency and quality of health services while improving equitable access to health services;

Advise on strategic purchasing options for cost effective services;

Propose options for effective pooling of resources and contribute to facilitating the transition to national health insurance.

To build and support a knowledge management infrastructure that enables members have access to relevant and timely evidence for decision making

In this objective, UHEA will:

Build a knowledge management infrastructure that will ease information sharing as well as gathering evidence for decision making;

Create thematic Special Interest Groups (SIGs) across the UHEA membership.

Provide technical support in moderating the various Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Use this platform a collaborative knowledge exchange centre.

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